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    Reignite your Wellbeing with Stretch for Health – Awesome for ALL Ages

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    Nervous about Starting Stretch? Don’t Be! Our Beginners Stretch for Health is Our Specialty!

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    Expertly Tailor-made Massage to Treat ALL Types

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Be at Your Best at BlissimaWelcome to Blissima

Massage Therapies

We offer a diverse range of massage styles for those wanting the bliss of a stress free, relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body. For anyone with deep seated aches and pains or injuries or wanting rejuvenation, relaxation and stress relief. We can help! We are highly skilled in a variety of therapeutic massage styles from around the world that we expertly tailor to your massage to at the right depth to leave your body tension free and feeling terrific!

Stretch Pilates

Experience the freedom of a pain and tension free body- and the wonders of a renewed mind and spirit- our One-on-One Stretch Pilates will teach you all you need to help you help yourself back to ultimate health and vitality. Whether you are brand new, returning back to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, we will get you practicing with confidence, and ease - for a rejuvenated radiant new you - We cater for every body's needs and look forward to being of service soon

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$ 115

Strong Deep-Tissue Massage

90 Minutes

  • A magic mixture of Shiatsu, Accupressure, Remedial, Sports and Ka-huna massage for relieving all agonies from the athletes and the super fits body  
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$ 59

Remedial Massage

45 Minutes

  • This thorough, wholistic and highly effective massage is our most popular. It is sure to leave your body stress and tension free, and feeling terrific
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$ 40


30 Minutes

  • This massage starts by applying pressure to specific points on the feet for rejuvenating the internal organs and the entire boy system. Simultaneously it removes all tiredness and pain from the feet.
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$ 59

One on One Stretch Pilates

45 Minutes

  • We educate and empower you to understand movement as you journey with us into the unravelling the ebs and flows of your body you will discover your inner balance and union
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$ 70

Hot Stone Massage

45 Minutes

  • Our HotSstone Massage Therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body while indulging you in a customized massage
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